Basic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Procedures

The Romanian Students' Surgery Society
In colaboration with
The Department of Clinical Anatomy and
Surgical Techniques - UMF Carol Davila
The Plastic Surgery Department – UMF Carol Davila, The Emergency Clinic Hospital for Plastic Surgery, Recovery and Burns
With support from
Organize the practical course
"Basic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Procedures"

The course is intented for students who are interested in this surgery speciality and wish to study it, to students who are interested in other surgical specialties but prize the aesthetical aspects of a finit surgery, and to those who wish to analyse their options and observe the advantages and disadvatages of this speciality.

The first couse is intendent for students from Bucharest, the next ones will have national paricipation.

The course duration is 7 days, and it contains 6 modules and 1 day for evaluation.

Basic Plastics