Basic Surgical Skills

The Romanian Student Surgical Society
in colaboration with
UMF “Carol Davila”
Clinical Anatomy and Surgical Techniques Compartment

organizes the practical course
Basic Surgical Skills
addressed to medical students and interns.

The main instructor is As. Prof. Dr. Marius Vlad, Head of the Clinical Anatomy and Surgical Techniques Compartment, U.M.F. “Carol Davila”

The purpose of this practical course is to offer the medical students the possibility to achieve basic surgical abilities, outside the hospital environment, and to assess their aptitudes.

The thematic is divided in six modules, with an increasing level of complexity, at the end of which, the participants would have accomplished and accustomed a meaningful number of surgical techniques.

Each participant has his own working desk and benefits of surgical instruments and working materials, offered by the Organizers.

The theoretical courses are richly illustrated Powerpoint presentations.

The surgical techniques are accomplished at the central desk by the instructors and projected in real-time, along with the explanations. The participants then reproduce each maneuver, under the guidance of the assisting instructors, repeating the maneuver until it is accustomed.

At the end of the practical course, the participants undergo an assessing practical test, obtaining points. This score, although important for the Organizers to assess the efficiency of the course, is simply informative and it is not mentioned on the participation diploma.