Frequently asked questions


How can I become a SSCR member?

There are two phases: community member and subscribing member. 

1. Firstly, you must fill in the form on the website. If your application is accepted you will receive an email with further instructions.

2. After that, follows the subscribing member statute authentication (procedure on the link). This is done every year by paying a contribution to support our projects.

We invite you to get involved as much as you can for obtaining benefit both on your side and on ours.


Why should I register?

What should I do if I don't receive the confirmation email from sscr. ?

First of all, please check the SPAM folder in your email. You should have received an email with instructions. Generally:

To complete the subscribing member statute authentication procedure, please pay the annual  40 RON fee at BRD, in one of these accounts:

Bucharest – SV 2581 5294 100
Cluj-Napoca – SV 2581 5374 100
Constanta – SV 2581 5534 100
Craiova – SV 2581 5454 100
Iasi – SV 2581 5614 100

Then you send an email to , writing at the SUBJECT (title) the city, receipt number and your name. After confirmation, you will receive an email from the Secretariat. And this is all.

Why is the rule for choosing an user name so strict?

Site SSCR is primarily a way of communication with the outside (it is our calling card), and among ourselves. At least for this year, we decided that the structure of the user name should  be the same for all of us. The development of our community (the opening of a forum, more flexible form for the website - depending on user preferences, adding groups for other offices of SSCR) will allow us to become more creative when in comes to choosing user names. But while all the members sit confortably in their living rooms, wearing a "suit" is mandatory. :)

Our name is a virtue with which we pride ourselves, and which makes us unique as people in the most absolute way. VanDamme or medicinist86 not unique, but children nicknames. The discussion remains open. Until then,  we promote ourselves.


Why should I join SSCR?

As a member of the community, you gain  access to various additional materials from the website (moives, books), you receive announcements regarding different events of SSCR or from the surgery field and you can apply for passive participation for SSCR projects (practical or theoretical courses).

As a subscribing member, you have the following additional rights:

     * Priority for participation in SSCR events: theoretical and practical courses and getting a discount on any participation fees.
     * Free participation in national and international congresses organized by our partners (The Romanian Society of Surgery, The Romanian Society of Cardiovascular Surgery, etc.).
     * The opportunity to take actively take part in SSCR meetings by presenting papers on subjects of surgery
     * Right to vote in the General Assembly of the SSCR and the opportunity to apply for leadership positions
     * Free subscription to the Surgery Journal, (online full-text)
     * Opportunity of publishing personal results in the Surgery Journal
     * Participation in national programs of surgical research.
     * Facilitating the summer practice in the desired medical institutions


THE ACTIVE MEMBER is a subscribing member who takes part in SSCR meetings and gets involved in organizing SSCR events: directly or indirectly through departaments. This is where the real benefits of getting involved in an NGO start to show: you get to know different people who share your passions, maybe future colleagues, physicians, professors and people who make the decisions. You learn how a project is organised, you improve both your surgical and social skills, you do team work and you develop scientifical thinking.