Surgery Summer Camp


The Romanian Students’ Surgical Society (SSCR)

in collaboration with

The Surgery Department of the Faculty of Medicine, “Ovidius” University, Constanta


The Association of Medical Students and Young Doctors, Contanta

Is organizing during the Summer, in Constanta, the Surgery Summer Camp for the medical students interested in surgery.

The head instructor is Professor Doctor Vasile Sarbu, first surgeon, chairman of the Second Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, “Ovidius” University, Constanta These workshops will enable the participants to study the basic surgical skills and more, to evaluate their qualities and decide whether they will settle upon a surgical career or not, so they can engage in residency well trained, both in theoretical knowledge and in practice.

At the same time, the camp tries to create a relaxed but professional atmosphere, that would help to fulfill the educational goals and in which the medical students get to know colleagues from other medical centers in Romania, working as a team, building friendships, which leads to the improvement of the relationships between universities and set the foundation for future national projects.

The camps last 6 days, containing 5 modules and a final evaluation. The accomodation is at the “Ovidius” University students’ campus, in three bedded rooms, with bathrooms.

Breakfast and lunch are provided by the University restaurant. The courses take place in the Faculty of Medicine, 5 minute walk from the accomodation.

The participants are medical students from different academic centers, which graduated at least the first 2 years of studies (preclinical years)