Surgery Summer Camp 2009 - Criteria of acceptance

As you know, the registration period for SSC has ended. We consider it a great success: the submissions were of great quality,  the people - involved and interested. 182 applications for 80 places available, of which more than 3 per place in the last period.
The evaluation of the applicants will be objective, as discussed during the meeting of the organising comittee of the project. According to the Board of Directors, over 25 issues have been considered, organized in 5 categories of criteria. Each criterion has a certain amount of relevance and it is given a number of maximum points, adding up to the score of each applicant. The selection process will be transparent and based on comparing the scores of each applicant

It is possible that part of the applicants can participate only in the second period of their list of preferences (especially considering that there was a certain trend of choice for options).
(1) The most important factor was the involvement of each applicant in SSCR. Linked to this, (2) membership status was also important. We want to encourage, as much as possible, involvement in growth of personal capabilities of yourself and others in the field of surgery. Were favored here those who were involved in departments (as much as it was possible), those who presented scientific papers at our meetings, and those who have repeatedly expressed interest.
(3) Completion of the application form had a considerable importance. Professional manner in treating this task, as well as personal motivation, gave us very important clues about the seriousness of the person. We've added or substracted points depending on the answers: their presence, content, sincerity (where it was possible to check).
(4)To give an equal chance to those who have applied for past editions of SSC and were not accepted, and also taking into account our organisation’s objectives for growth and develpoment, points were awarded for personal experience and (5)diversity (also favorising those who do not have the opportunity to attend such trainings at the university where they study)
The list of the selected participants to this edition of  SSC will be published on the website on July 1st, in alphabetical order. If an applicant can not participate in the allocated period for various reasons, the next person on the reserve list will be announced.
In calculating the scores, we have encouraged the involvement of local branches’ management and the board of directors to obtain as much objectivity and transparency as possible. After publishing of results, the details of individual scores and the method of calculation can be obtained from the organizers by e-mail to
We hope that through this system we encourage harmonious and fruitful involvement and collaboration during the project concerned, and sustain the future relations of friendship and collegiality.
Good luck!

SSCR Board of Directors
Department of Surgical Techniques
Marketing & Technical Support Department