Trauma Camp

UMF Carol Davila,

in collaboration with

Romanian Student Society of Surgery,

Romanian CPR National Council




organizes in Padina, Bucegi Mountains, between 16th - 26th July 2009


Trauma Camp is a foray into medicine, emergency medicina and into the traumatology associated with mountain rescue, as a complement to theoretical baggage of knowledge accumulated during the years of study covered so far. The camp consists of a week of theoretical courses, medical, practical exercises and rescue scenarios, mountain orientation courses, and climbing trips. Almost 50 students will be accepted for this workshop.

Accommodation and three meals a day are provided by  ANSMR(SALVAMONT)  at their headquarter in Padina. Safety for the participants is guaranteed by ANSMR.


The curriculum includes:

- Mountain environmental education, familiarization with the mandatory mountain equipment, orientation and rules of mountain survival.

- Primary assessment of the patient;

- Ensuring the perimeter, communication and reporting the situation;

- Basic vital support, particularies of first aid in mountain environment

- Automatic Defibrillation (Automated External Defibrillator)

- Life-saving surgical maneuvers;

- Ailments connected to sun exposure;

- Hypothermia and frost-bites;

- Altitude sickness;

- Bites and stings;

- Management of mountain trauma;

- Restraint, bandaging and transportation of saved patients;

- Wound management in pre-hospital care;

The BLS (Basic Life Support) Course is accredited by the Romanian CPR Council. The participants will receive not only a certificate for participating to Trauma Camp, but also a certificate from the Romanian CPR Council.


Thanks to our sponsors we ar able to organize this camp and to reduce the participation fee.